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AA Engines Wins World Championships   Date: Sunday 30 August, 2015

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Roman Agafonov of Russia wins the World Championships in .45 Hydro.

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This year at the Nitro World Championships the AA 45 Engine comes out on top in 40 Hydro at the hands of Roman Agafonov driving his .45 sized MiniCraft RC.


If you have been following Double-Ace Racing Products news you may remember Roman from our post of his email more than a year ago.


Roman, born in Novosibirsk Russia, has been racing for 25 years. He got his start at the young age of 7 when his father purchased a membership for him in his local boat club. His father built him his first boat which was an electric powered FSR-E figure class V-Hull. It races in a trianglular fashion. Around this time Roman broke his right arm. But that didn't stop him. His first children's championship was won with a cast on his arm. Over the years Roman had competed 2 to 3 times a year from 1990 to 2015 which include attendance to 5 World Championships.


This year, the World Championships was held in Gorlitz, the most easterly town in Germany and for many the most beautiful. Perhaps not surprising when you consider the town has over 3,500 architectural monuments spanning 500 years. Most have been lovingly restored and are a real visual treat for visitors. Among the grand old churches, mighty fortifications and ornate facades, there is a wonderful, vibrant and friendly town just waiting to be discovered.


This year, Roman was the team leader for the third time in attendance of a World Championship which required him to not only be responsible for testing and tuning his own fleet but required him to troubleshoot for his team mates as well. In addition he had 7 junior class members with 7 boats among them that required his attention as well. Roman himself brought 4 boats himself including 3 classes of hydro and one Vee Hull so we was very busy.


The competition was stiff as everyone looked well prepared for the competition. However the scene was not so intense. Racers talked freely talked among each other discussing boats, and a variety of other social topics.


Roman was ready with all of his hydros so he was confident with his set-up. He designed his own boat known as the MiniCraft RC 45. He designed it to be light weight so it is fast and competitive but strong to handle the rigors of high performance racing. It's ame from balsa wood and carbon using the best aircraft resin. It's a little longer than a .21 size hydro but just 4.8 lbs. He ran a AA .45, Futaba T6J, ABC S-20 prop, Kalistratov 45 pipe set to 10.43 inches. He ran 20% NItro, 10% Castor and 8% Klotz.


"I was relaxed and focused on just doing his best during qualifying.", says Roman. In the first and second heat of 45 hydro Roman blazed the field with first place finishes. However, he dropped a heat in the third round with a DNF (Did Not Finish). His fourth he layed down a personal best time and first place once again.


During the first heat of the finals Roman had to take sudden evasive action to miss a dead boat that stopped in front of him. Roman new a DNF at this level of competition can destroy his possibility of even making the podium so tension began to build and nervousness began to set in. However, in the last 3 heats Roman stepped up to the challenge and drove his way to two victories and one second place finish with good driving and throttle control. Roman says with great excitement, "It was the most amazing and tough racing that I have ever had".


Congratulations to Roman Agafonov for a job well done and a race well won. We are proud that he selected AA Engines to power him to secure the Championship crown at the Nitro World Championships. it is an honor and privilege to be part of such a prestigious world renowned victory where truly the best in the World from most every continent converge to compete.


Here some footage of some practice sessions


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AA Engines Wins World Championships
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