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Double-Ace Racing Products, founded by Roger Hooks, Sr. in 20012 is the official West Coast Distributor of AA engines as well as other RC Boat Racing Products.


Roger Hooks began RC boating in 1965. He was an avid control-line airplane flyer and competed in speed and combat events. While in the Navy he visited a hobby store to shop for airplane supplies he came across a boat that sparked his interest so he bought it and took it home to build. He brought it back to the hobby store to get an opinion from the store owner and it was in such disarray that the store owner offered to take the boat home, tear it apart, and put it back together correctly. Once the boat was reassembled Roger was so excited to get the boat into some water that he opted for the bathtub in his modest apartment at the time. To the dismay of his wife Helen the bathtub baptism of his new RC vessel choked the small apartment with Nitro fumes, exhaust smoke and water everywhere.


Since then Roger has become much more accustomed to the hobby of RC boating. Over the years he has seen many trends and styles come and go. Among his accolades during this time are several countless regional Championships, several national championships and a few National Records, the first of which was set in 1968 at a blistering 20 mph. He has raced almost every hull style from Flat Bottom to Deep Vee to, Hydroplane to Outriggers, with one engine, to two engines from 20 size, to Twin Engine Size, from a multitude of brands including Cox, Super Tigre, K/B, O.S. Max, OPS, Picco, Kalistrovich, MAC, CMB and now AA Engines.



Since his early years in the hobby Roger has had the pleasure to share his hobby with his two sons Marcus and Roger, Jr with great success. As a matter of fact Marcus was NAMBA’s (North American Model Boat Association) first Kids R Boaters National Champion and went on to repeat two more times. Roger Hooks, Jr. was racing 60 hydros as early as 12 and Twin Hydros as early as 16. Today Roger, Jr. still races with his dad and helps out with the marketing of the business. He also has several National Championships and Records under his belt. The R/C boating bug has even been passed down to Roger Sr’s grandson Dante who can be seen dabbling in local competition on the West Coast.


Roger Sr., has been known for his quiet and pleasant demeanor. He never has an unkind word and always willing to help. As a matter of fact he was voted Mr. Congeniality at Nationals in years past as well as had a Sportsmanship award named after him awarded to members of district 9 that displayed kindness and consideration to fellow boaters above and beyond what is expected.


Today Roger Sr., continues to enjoy RC boating and now looks to contribute to others boaters success the same way he had his sons. Relying on RC experience that took root in 1968and 30 years as a journeyman machinist, Roger utilizes his expertise in identifying and distributing the very best in RC boating products for the benefit of every RC boating enthusiast. You can always count on him for an honest answer even if it’s “I don’t know”. But you can also rest assured that he is willing to help you find that right answer.

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