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  • Eagle SG .21 Hydro
    This is a used Eagle SG .21 Hydro. The boat is in good condition, runs well and handles good in the turns. The boat comes with Rudder, strut, turn fin, flex shaft, Motor mount, third needle and fuel tank. ...
    Model : SG21H
    Manufacturer : Double-Ace
    Quantity : 1
    Weight : 15.00

    Our Price:  $300.00

  • Eagle SG 15 Hydro
    I got this boat for the SAW(time trials) but never got a chance to enter it. The boat runs good and has very little run time on it. It comes with fuel tank, third needle, flex shaft and the original hardware. All You need is radio, prop and engine. I had the boat set up for the MAC 21 engine. ...
    Model : AA_SG15
    Manufacturer : Double-Ace
    Quantity : 1
    Weight : 10.00

    Our Price:  $400.00

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 6 products)
Result Pages:  1  2   
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